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Your Source for Reliable Air Conditioning Services

First Call Heating & Cooling is the preferred air conditioning company for a variety of AC services. Our team of Clarksville air conditioning service experts stand out from the competition due to extensive industry experience and professional customer service. We provide air conditioning repairs, installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Whatever your cooling needs are, you can rely on our air conditioning company for prompt, expert results.

Air Conditioning Repairs

air conditioning repairs clarksville tnWhen a serious problem occurs with your air conditioner, our air conditioning company in Clarksville, TN is ready to help you by providing prompt, reliable air conditioning repairs. Whether your air conditioner is running less efficiently or it's totally broken down, we'll be able to help you get it back into great shape.

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Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installation clarksville tnWhether it's for a new construction, a commercial property, or a residential property, you need to know that you're getting high quality workmanship when you're having an air conditioner installed. At First Call Heating & Cooling, our air conditioning contractors can provide you with a great AC installation, and we'll be able to guarantee that your cooling system is totally reliable and completely functional. Our professionals are all professionally trained and extensively experienced, so we'll be able to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

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Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

air conditioning service clarksville tnAt First Call Heating & Cooling, our professional air conditioning contractors recommend that you have an air conditioning tune-up performed at least once every year, preferably in the spring, before you being using your cooling system on a regular basis. Our tune-ups will help you keep your air conditioner performing well so that your home is as comfortable as possible while your cooling costs are as low as possible.

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Emergency AC Service

emergency ac service clarksville tnYour air conditioner could break down at any time and for almost any reason, usually when you need it the most. Rest assured you can rely on our team of professionals for emergency AC services whenever you need them. If your air conditioner stops working unexpectedly, just give our air conditioning company a call. We know that you don’t always have the time to wait for an appointment, or even for our regular business hours to resume, so our professionals are available for any air conditioning services you need. We are always ready, eager, and available to make sure that your air conditioner is fully efficient and fully functional.

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Air Conditioning Inspections

emergency ac service clarksville tnWise Clarksville homeowners know the importance of getting an air conditioning inspection in order to avoid problems from developing. In fact, getting proactive about this type of preventative care is a great way to keep many problems from starting or getting worse. That means also knowing which company to call on for this type of service. Locals here know that name is First Call Heating & Cooling and has been for approximately 20 years now.

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If you are looking for an air conditioning services company in the Clarksville area, please call First Call Heating & Cooling at 931-683-2255 or complete our online request form.

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